What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)


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Devon, UK
I hadn't realised quite how much stuff could hide in my blind spot until I did a couple of hundred motorway miles last week.
Fitted a pair of Hitchcocks mirror extenders this morning and visibility is massively improved, the difference is like night and day. I very much recommend this mod if you see a lot of elbow and arm in your mirrors and not much else!


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Did a few things to "Toto" this week. I got a good deal on a bike cover and it arrived on Tuesday. Upon fitting it to my bike I noticed I had a broken support tab on my left rear side rack. We have ace welders at my work, so I removed the support brace and unbolted the broken tab from it. Unbolted the rack, stripped the area around the break, and a co-worker welded the tab back on. I rattlecanned the weld with some gloss black and bolted it all back together after the paint dried.


The next day my left-side Grip Puppy finally gave up the ghost and tore off, so I decided to lace up some dark brown leather grip covers to match my SaharaSeats-covered saddle. The grips are still a little thin for my large hands, but these feel nice.


Yesterday I decided to install some "road pegs" I had lying around. I bought these for a long-done project awhile back and they had been sitting in a box until I rediscovered them recently. I figured I could mount them on my crash bar, but I had to shim the clamp so they would tighten up. These pegs have the option to fold up and rotate in almost any direction, but I mounted them in a fixed fashion.


Feels like I'm sitting on a quite-agile easy chair with my boots on these, but my knees do hit the boxes lol


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Did my first oil change.

On Two Wheels Ben's youtube video said it needed a 22mm socket. My 22mm 12 point was sloppy so checked an found that a 12pt 21mm fit more snugly, then for the heck of it found out that a 6pt 13/16" fit even better???

Oh well, at least its done, does sound just a touch quieter to boot so that's a good thing :^)


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Kalaw, Myanmar
Love these posts!
Thanks all for sharing!
Had my friends bike here for a while, same 2020 himi as I do, different color and 500km.
His FUEL GAUGE never worked. (We have our bikes imported from India to here). Checked under the fueltank and it looked like pic 1.
No idea what causes that.
Fixed it to pic 2 and all worked fine.

Secondly had my first flat tyre on my bike...sucked..had to walk for 2 hours in the pouring rain...(remember I live in the nowhere hills in Myanmar).

A bike shop helped me, but then dropped my bike...not great... eventually wheel replaced.
Drove a bit, everything rattled like crazy, thought the drop broke my bike...turned out after inspection, that he inflated the front tyre to 45psi...(20 recommended).... Lesson learned, do things yourself if you live here.
But look how interesting my tyre broke....



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turned out after inspection, that he inflated the front tyre to 45psi...(20 recommended).... Lesson learned, do things yourself if you live here.
But look how interesting my tyre broke....
Yeah overinflated tires make it rough. I think the front should be 27ish? 29 works perfect in mine. People here have started using rubber push on stem retainers. See my KLX photo.



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They replace the nut on the stem. People no longer tighten the nut either assuming they still run nuts on the stem. Helps avoid ripping the stem out of the tube.
Are these a push on fit or threaded please and also do you retain the nut on the inside of the rim ? I dont know but suspect this is suitable for off road use when tyres may be deflated, worth consideration for road use, check my tyres and pressure each time i'm off out. Thanks.
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