Watch the cows

Noel lynam

Getting there...
The gods were on my did today as I narrowly missed a young cow which ventured out in front of me, I literally squeezed between the said cow and it's mother, whilst breaking hard, missing both by a whisker, previous to this I was gingerily following two 10 year olds blasting down the road on a 125, with the younger sister driving!!!, I bloody lovr Indonesia


AZ Mtn Girl

Well travelled
Where I live, it's mostly "Open Range" , which means no fences and animals can wander at will. And if you hit one, it's your fault and you will have to pay the owner for destroying their animal. Never mind the fact that hitting a horse or cow will destroy your motorcycle and probably seriously mess you up.


Well travelled
up here we dodge mostly deer and moose. hitting a moose is like hitting a brick wall. every year or so someone buys the farm after a moose encounter.
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