Spare chain links for Himalayan?


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Hello all,

I am looking for extra chain links to keep on hand, in case my chain breaks on a trail. This just happened to a friend of mine and it was a big ordeal to get his bike out of the backcountry, if he had something to repair his chain we could have continued the ride.

My question is: what size links should I get to go with factory chain? Is the factory chain clip or rivet? If multiple links are damaged, do I need all master links? Or just one master link and a few other links?

I am new to this, so I may be using the wrong terminology. I did buy a chain link tool, so I am just looking for the replacement links. Also, where do I buy these?


Total noob
It’s a 525 O ring link. Clip type not a rivet. Royal Enfield dealers do not carry spare master links. I bought a couple from MX Megastore, which someone else had posted somewhere on this forum,

definitely an item to have on the bike, like your friend I also learned this the hard way.
hope this helps.
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