Seat concepts tall seat for Himmy SOLD

G Man

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Northampton MA
This is the Seat Concepts tall, installed on a RE seat pan and ready to go, no passenger seat, just the main one. Selling because I found the standard height was better for me, so got that instead and this one needs a new home. $200 shipped/PPFF.

Have a Seat Concepts for my Himalayan, custom modified and real nice, but being 5'10", I like the stock seat as it is lower to the ground and I have grown accustomed to it now. Keeping it as a spare anyway. I usually ride with a Copper-Fit waist band support which I recommend as even after riding 150 miles in the seat without stopping I am still comfortable. that made a big difference for my old bones.


Well travelled
It looks like a really comfortable seat but I'm 5'6" and I have enough trouble reaching the ground with the touring seat. Keep it up there though. Eventually the right buyer may come along.
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