Royal Enfield brake upgrade


Not a Total Newb
I have mounted a Brembo 4 piston calliper on my 650 Interceptor and understand that the 535 Conti uses the same stock brake. The goal was increased braking while using stock readily available components to keep the cost reasonable. I managed to accomplish this with only a few custom designed parts to make it fir the stock yokes. ABS function is retained and uses the stock hydraulic line

Upgrade Components:

Brembo 330mm floating rotor
Brembo P4 - 65mm axial mount calliper
Brembo RCS radial mount, front master cylinder
Bespoke calliper bracket
Bespoke rotor spacer
Bespoke ABS pickup ring
Bespoke ABS sensor mount

There are 2 versions of this P4 calliper:

The P4-30/34 uses (2 x 30) + (2 x 34mm) pistons, and 2 pads for a 6.9% increase in piston area compared to stock. Not a great improvement in piston area, but with the 3.125% torque gain with the larger rotor, EBC-HH pads, better 4 piston calliper design, and the Brembo radial master cylinder, it is a marked improvement over stock. Given street tire limitations, most riders would be happy with this lower cost approach, while high GVW, hack riders, track use, or bench racers might want the P4-34.

The P4-34 uses 4 x 34mm pistons, 4 individual pads, and a more rigid triple bridge design. Clamping force is in part a function of piston area, so not only is the 34/34 version more “powerful” but additional initial bite is provided by the 4 pad configuration. This 34mm calliper has a 20.2% greater piston area than stock. Add the 3.125% torque gain with the larger rotor and this is a significant improvement. 3966
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