Rotherham to Belfast ... actually Greyabbey but no one’s heard of that ....

Off to Belfast .....


Sunday morning 5am, bike packed up the night before, set off along the M18 / A1 north bound. Warm, but cool air full of moisture and the smells of early morning, sat around 65 mph ... no rush, 15.30hrs ferry from Cairnryan, breakfast planned for the Rooster in Penrith. Filled up at Scotch Corner then off along the A66 to Penrith.
Got to Penrith a lot earlier than planned to find the cafe closed ....
Got to Carlisle a lot earlier than planned to top up fuel ....


Realised that even with my gentle progress i was going to arrive at Cairnryan just after 10.00hrs !
THE 11.30HRS FERRY ...
Arrived at Cairnryan, went to check-in, explained i was early , the nice people at Stena sent me through onto the ferry ... result.
Off at Belfast. Ride 30 miles to my sisters at Greyabbey on the Ards Peninsula. Drink beer and eat food with her and her husband Steve. Bed for midnight.
2 meetings with railway companies on Monday morning then Janet and I went down the Ards peninsula to a small beach just south of Cloughy and spent the afternoon swimming. Home, beer, food, bed. Lovely day.

5am Monday.
Ride to the ferry port in Belfast ... empty roads and soft warmth.



8 other bikers on the return trip, including 2, 12 year old pillions, off with their dads touring around Scotland for a few days.
We pushed some tables together in the ships cafe and all had breakfast together chatting, sleeping and marvelling at people walking around the outer decks of a ship in the middle of the North Channel wearing masks ... must have been anti- mackerel masks we decided.

The ride home was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable .... 32 deg c air temp, engine temp steady between 39- 41 deg c, usually 24 - 26 deg. Glad to get home strip off kit and jump in shower ...

611 miles of motorcycling pleasure .... made a change from getting rained on ...

( You may have noticed the mistake in the map ... i travelled on the ferry to Belfast, not Larne ... but Google maps won’t have it !!! )

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Go Out. Take Risks. Live.
The Road Goes On Forever.
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Finally made it
Good to see you back.
Only the other day some know-all was telling me how c**p the Himalayan must have been lucky.:);):)
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On the way back i was approached by a french lady and her other half, she on a 600 honda and he on a CBX 1000 thing .off to Ireland for a weeks touring... ( Covid ..If you arrive in Ireland via Holyhead / Dublin you have to isolate for 10 days, If you arrive in Northern Ireland by ferry AND drive into Ireland over the border then you don’t !! )... she wants a Himma but was put off by idiots that have never had one and rubbished it .... I did my informed sales man bit and she said she was going to get a test ride and ignore what others say ....

Roy Gavin

Well travelled
Some great riding roads on the way to Stranraer.
Used to have an aunt in Eccelfechan, just out of Lockerbie, and spent a few summers there on exchange.
Her lot in our place in Edinburgh and us down there.
Great fishing, and great roads!
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