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Well the Key Blank issue is now solved and understood. I have 3 Bullet blanks left which I can't use. I lost $28 buying them but understand the issue now. After cutting the first blank and finding it only fitting the ignition but not turning... A micrometer was used to measure the important dimensions.

The major problems were varying thickness which 0.1mm was enough to prevent insertion. But the Key Center Spine looking at the key end-on was the biggest problem. The OEM key is 2.26mm thick, while Hitchcock's blanks were all about 3.05mm.

So I have RE key blank jewelry now!

The working blank for people to use (albeit without RE badging) is this.

Ilco X266 Kawasaki KA16 Motorcycle Key Blank (matches perfectly)

My locksmith had them in stock and cut two working keys.

I hope this helps others


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I got a couple keys cut today now other then a spare I can keep a hide a key on the bike as well.
They had 2 different ones from different brands both worked tho.
Silca (Italian) and Ilco (American) both owned by Dormakaba Group (Swiss)
My local locksmith stocks the Italian brand. Because it's more compact, I actually prefer the the Silca key over the original RE key and I now use it as my everyday key.
Silca key.jpg
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