Progress report, supernova


Finally made it
As mentioned elsewhere, new to the bike world & this RE is my first proper machine. Recently completed the engine run-in period & really enjoying the changing noises as it wore in: makes it seem organic somehow, like the thing has cleared childhood...

Still much to learn in terms of rider skills, but having an absolute blast. Learning a bit of light maintenance and trying to do this thing properly.

Added a series of bits: Engine guards, touring seat (black, no more brown there), flyscreen, bar-end mirrors, replaced the grab-rails to delete the pillion backrest (hashtag NoPassengers) and for bags, settled on the Hepco & Becker c-bow brackets. Not the cheapest option but the variety is nice: once those brackets are in place, they’re solid as hell and any of the H&B c-bow bags will fit. Found a US distributor (Moto Machines in VA) so shipping from Germany isn’t necessary.

Shaping up nicely and turning into a charming little urban creeper.




Well travelled
Your bike is looking awfully good. Isn’t it amazing how much better REs run when you get some miles on them. They are kind of like fine wine the older it gets the better it tastes. 😁
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