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Hi there, picked up my new '21 Himalayan on Saturday. I already put 300 miles on it, and I like it so far. However, I cannot see anything behind me! The mirrors seem to be too small and far too low to be of use to me. I am 6'1", 33" inseam, and I have to bow down to get a look in either mirror, then lean outside just to get a glimpse of the lane behind me.

I do not think I am missing anything with the adjustments I? If so, please advise!

Any recommendations for aftermarket mirrors? I am probably a bit spoiled with the mirrors on my Goldwing, but I still think I should be able to see a lot more than I am able to see and not be a contortionist to get a view of what is going on out back.


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The extensions work.
I actually don't have a problem with the stock mirrors and I'm 6 foot. You can set them to see next to you (with a blind spot to be covered with a head check which you should do anyway) and for seeing behind me, a quick flick in of the elbow clears the way - you'll only see half the lane behind you. Okay, it's not as good as your car's revision mirror but they're no worse than any other bike I've had. I think it's probable you have to just get used to them.

The 650 mirrors are supposed to fit (check this) and they have a longer arm.


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I, too, have the Yamaha risers/extenders. I am 6'2", and they are at just the right placement on my bike now. As an added bonus, the aluminum seems to also help reduce vibration in that it seems to act as a buffer, so they seem to aid in clarity when at higher speeds.


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1O MM, and you need a reverse thread bolt and a reverse thread in the extender too - some only have the reverse thread bolt but not the thread in the extender so tale care.
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Another vote for Doubletake. i had lots of problems with the stockers, all resolved by the Doubletake adventure mirrors.
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