New Himalayan Cold Start


Total noob
What I don't understand is why so many are having cold start or even not-so-cold start issues on the Himmy?
Mines new - just had 300 mile service, from day one, press the start button, she catches within a second or two, blip throttle to 2,000rpm and let go. Tickover cold is a little low at 1,100 but nothing drastic. Put on helmet and gloves and away you go, no drama no routine, all within a couple of minutes. When she is warm the tickover is a little high at 1,600rpm but nothing to cause me concern. The only time she cuts out is when I do something dumb like forgetting to pull the clutch in at lights, or pulling off in 3rd.
Tried the choke once to see what it did, not much. Granted the coldest I have been out in is 1C

Not a helpful post I appreciate, but this is surely what the dealerships should be producing every time, and if not then the importers need to up their game, by training the people who service and PDI the bikes.
Mine starts fine and keeps running IF I GENTLY TOUCH THROTTLE TO 2000RMP FOR 30 SECONDS OR MORE, but that would be reasonable for carburated bikes, not for FI. The mentioned procedure is, according to my thoughts, what ECU shall do while I put on my helmet and gloves....
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