Meteor 350 Basics


Well travelled
Southend on Sea
Owners manual is too big to upload, but service intervals are 500Km and every 5000Km
The oil cooing is built into the cylinder head so no separate cooler radiator matrix.
20BHP 27NM Torque. So marginally less than the Himalayan, but the engine apparently runs far more smoothly due to the counterbalanced shaft.

3 models available.
Fireball is the base model, mostly matte black metalwork with the options of red or yellow.
Stellar is the mid model with more chrome bits and a backrest for the pillion seat. Colour options are Blue Red or Black monotone
Supernova is the top model with a touring screen and a light blue, brown, or silver two tone pant scheme.

Pictured below is the Stellar in black, with the bar end mirrors, touring seats, wider foot pegs, black silencer, and fly-screen.

The pannier option is on the right side of the bike, mounted on a bar loop; the official pannier is a plastic affair.

I have added a picture of the blue Supernova that shows an engine bar option and the pannier, as well as the touring screen.

Meteor 350.JPG2025
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