Made some little adjustments to things today.


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So Cal USA
Did a few “adjustments” to the Himalayan and Africa Tein this morning. On the Himalayan I cut the fuel petcock stand pipe down about an inch. Rough calculations gave me about .6 gallon an inch. Previously I’d have to switch to reserve with 1.5 gallons still left in the tank. Now it should be closer to 1 gallon left in reserve which is how I want it.

While the tank was off I rerouted the vent lines closer to the frame. Mine have always been on the outside of the wiring bundles. Checking with a flashlight while I put the tank back on it seems to not be getting pinched now.

I also measure the distance between the front tank mounts. It’s 4 1/8th “ between them. My tanks slips right on the frame pucks but some people have reported that the tank is very hard to push forward. My guess is their tanks have expanded a little making it pinch the rubber pucks. Anyway if your tank fits tight that’s something you can check, ther should be at least 4” of gap.

Replaced the front ABS brake line bracket with an adel clamp to give my brake line more slack. I didn’t like how tight the brake line was with the taller from suspension. It’s all good now.

Snapped a photo of the driving lights mounted with a adel clamp. I didn’t see any reason to use a heavy bracket since the lights were so lightweight. People have asked to see how I mounted them so there you go.


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