Locktite Blues


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Hello there fellow RE Inmates: does anyone know what kind of cheap locktite RE uses?

What an ordeal removing bolts on this bike, I have broken 2 drivers in removing different bits and pieces.

Now when removing the forks to install the YSS kit, I snapped a M8x30mm bolt deep inside.

This is one of 4 used on the steering stem assembly.

Yes I took my time, yes I heated it up, yes I went both directions.. but snap goes the allen head bolt. So I'm down to 3 bolts to hold the lower clamp tight on the fork tubes.

I tried EzyOut, and 2 other bolt removal tools with no success. And yes I have spent more than enough hours over the last half century wrenching old and newer iron.

Any comments on just running with 2 bolts per fork clamp rather than 3??

Alternative is an expensive new Steering Stem Assembly.


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I have no experience doing that, but some have said to use a soldering iron to get the bolts hot. Not a heat gun or blow dryer. Did you try the soldering iron?


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Think I had the same problem on my Continental GT. I'd only just bought it & just wanted to raise the forks a bit so I could bolt the clip ons above the top yoke to raise the bars. 3 of the clamp bolts on the bottom yoke released ok, but one sheared. Couldn't see any sign of thread lock on the bolts I got out, but dunno about the bit that was still left in there. The lower 2 bolt holes go right through the yoke, but the upper 2 are blind. The bolts are all the same length, so I wondered if one had been over tightened & bottomed out in the blind hole. Anyway, I was lucky, my local engineering shop managed to drill out the remnants of the bolt & clean out the thread. I've since fitted some slightly shorter bolts in the upper holes


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I am thinking that the cheap locktite is a cost cutting part of manufacturing, along with all the supposedly dielectric areas they slather on the electric connectors.... I cleaned every connector I could find and sparingly applied real voltage enhancer. End of Lucas Electrics Syndrome

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Never had much luck with EZY OUT or similar.
Locktite needs to get pretty hot to break the bond - pros use a very quick application with a oxy torch but you probably don't have access with your bolt without heating the triple too.
Last time I drilled right through the bolt with a 3mm drill then enlarged it a bit and them hammered in a slightly sharpened Torx bit and it worked OK.
Other alternative is to drill the broken piece out and have a thread insert fitted, most dealers will have a kit , or the $50- "Thread Repair Kits Set" I bought on Ebay a few years ago was surprisingly good quality and has worked perfectly for me.But in this situationn it will always be a bit of a botch , unless you drill rightn through and insert it from the inside!
Dont think loosing one bolt out of eight will be a big deal in normal riding, there are plenty of bigger bikes with a four bolt set up and the Hima set up is a bit overkill anyway!


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Agreed about bolt removal, I have a selection of tools "designed" to remove those suckers. The older the tool the better the metal in my experience.
Usually depends on the phase of the moon and sacrificing a goat.

I'm reaching out to Hitchcocks to see if theres a yoke available and in the meantime I'll install the new fork gaiters and new upgraded brake pads then re-install the forks.

Am anxious to see how much the front suspension has changed with the new springs etc. , the fork oil that came with the RE was very light and two different amounts in each leg. It took a 460 ml refill in each leg using the height measuring tool
Went with Spectra 15W fork oil.
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