Lextek SA1 silencer and S&B air filter


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Hi just giving my experience with this silencer and air filter combo from Hitchcocks. After waiting nearly a month for it to clear Spanish customs it finaly arrived yesterday.
Slight problem fitting the silencer to the pipe as the clamp supplied was a tad too big to clamp it tight. Resolved by adding a bit of heat tape under the clamp.
after fitting the bike sounds nice n throaty, a bit louder of course but nice and quiet at crusing speed (I think possibly quieter or smoother). The first thing I noticed, apart from the sound, was an improvement in roll on response in 4th and 5th gear from below 4k rpm.
I love my Roxy but with the stock silencer and air filter the bike felt breathless. Just to add I'm a solid 115kg so its never going to be a rocket ship (nor would I want it to be). Did not venture off road so can't comment on the lower gear response where there seemed to be a bit of a hole in the gearing from 1st to 2nd. I'll update later.
First impressions, worth the wait and I think it looks/sounds better than the stock. The ride today on my favourite back road was more relaxed, just rolling the throttle instead of going through the gears . I felt more in tune with the bike.😀

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I'm looking at doing exactly the same to my bike. Thanks for your thoughts.

Did you do anything to the fueling side? Or does it seem like you don't need to?

I've brought a powertronics unit that I'll be adding in will post comparison with the Lextek and S&B filter combo with and with out Piggy back ECU once I get a chance.
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