I just want to post a nice Interceptor 650 photo.


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Gilbert AZ
Yep, original rear tire, 5700 miles.
Thanks. Just trying to get an idea of what to expect with mine. It seems your riding style is similar to mine. How many more miles do you expect out of your front tire?

When it's 'my time' I will be converting to tubeless and looking for the largest and highest load rating tire that will fit. I've been spoiled by the longevity of the tires on my 1500 Goldwing (20,000/set). Fixed income demands my frugality. 😉

Ron in AZ


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Hi @60sRetro , I notice the pipes coming out of the headers are brown. This is not common in this bikes .
Did you change all your exhaust system?

I am starting to suspect that the original pipes are double side , with the nice chrome in the outside, making it shiny and double as heavy .
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