How to Read a Power Curve, how and why it can be useful

Posting this for those who may want to understand a bit more about Torque, HP power curves, why dyno testing is useful etc. All the Bonneville bikes I've been around went through extensive dyno testing during different stages of development, generally accomplished over many seasons and quite a bit of trial and error. (many errors I might add). Now this vid is using cars as an explanation, but would apply the same way to motorcycles, When you start thinking about changing sprocket size, increasing the cylinder capacity, or any mod involving running gear, the theory, the power curve and when the rubber hits the road, vid gives insight on how all come together to help explain things.
The math is explained (you can skip it if its not important as to why) and proceed to the 4 examples given. Just imagine instead 4 different motorcycle engine designs instead of cars.

I understand this forum is a place to provide useful information and share it with others.
Anyone who finds the information objectionable can just ignore the post and move on.


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Anyone interested in learning about the subject would be better just ignoring the vid and looking elsewhere - he makes a simple subject very complicated , presumably to impress you with his superior knowledge.


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@caferider: thank you for posting this vid. Any new knowledge is appreciated, especially on a subject that most people have no more than a faint idea about.
I have had an eightvalve Guzzi V75 on a dyno, just to see what differences any changes to the engine made. I never really studied the graphs other than to see if the latest lines were higher or smoother than the previous ones.
It is interesting to see the theory behind it all though.
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