How to do a 180 turn on ICE


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Wow wow wow... Cool video... Im nervous for you just looking at the drop off on the side of the road... Do you wear an SOS transponder when riding those cliffs?

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Now you know..........shadows equal ice.........and slowing down is the same as using the brakes.........which is useless on ice.............but you had a good save! Sometimes we know better but still get caught in our own foolishness!

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When you start sliding on ice both wheels usually let go at the same time, so any concept of steering or turning just vanish you just want to get the bike , and yourself, down as gently as possible - as long as you don't hit anything sliding along on ice on your butt isn't that painful!
Black ice is the worst, we could still get it three weeks into summer in Scotland, long after salting had stopped, and it was invisible, wet bitumen instantly turning to wet ice.


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....You are a few years late :unsure:
Oh by the way what bike do you ride … no intro from you?
Don't be hard on him Pete..:)....His intro is 2 years old.;)
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