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I want to put in a good word regarding Hitchcock’s very quick response to an order I received from them. The throw over bags came with a inoperable zipper. With a couple of emails with pictures they PROMPTLY replaced. Me being in the USA and they the UK, no face to face communications, the personal responses and turnaround was great.
Feel comfortable in dealing with them.


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Hitchcock Motorcycles is awesome! I've spent a good bit of money there and not done yet! Their service is top notch and there's nothing like that smell that comes out of the box when you open it. Eau de Enfield, I call it :D

Just an observation for people ordering in the US: their miminum shipping charge here seems to be $28, so spend a lot :D


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Nash County, NC
What did you order (enquiring minds want to know) 😁
RLH00100 1 SPARK PLUG, BOSCH YR7MES, 350 Meteor and 350 (2022 on) Classic £10.99 £10.99
98326 1 SPARK PLUG SOCKET, Himalayan, 350 Meteor and 650 Twins £3.85 £3.85
90026 1 MAGNETIC DRAIN PLUG (From Jan 2001) 19mm hex with M14 thread £7.70 £7.70
90295 2 OIL FILTER KIT, ENGINE (350 Meteor + 350 Classic) £12.50 £25.00
575012 2 O RING, CRANKSHAFT, HOLE PLUG £2.31 £4.62
574325 4 COPPER WASHER £1.13 £4.52
574066 2 PLUG, OIL CHECK, M14 X 12 (EACH) £1.74 £3.48
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