Himalayans To The South Pole.


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The two guys doing it have more balls than brains... although I'm sure the attempt will be well supported by RE. Talk about a publicity stunt. I think they got more positive press out of ItchyBoots for a lot less investment.


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I wonder if any Himalayan has done the Leh Ladakh in winter ? If so were they stock bikes?
secondly any changes being made to fuelling or injector or engine , for the south pole ride ?


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I think I have seen a video on Utube by Sam from Himalayan Tools where he and/or someone else- are trying to ride their Himi's through the snow. Not a very succesful attempt.
From advpulse.com:

Riding in conditions cold enough to solidify wheel bearing grease, harden tires and rubber seals and thicken engine oil viscosity.
A tubeless wheel setup is necessary to enable the low air pressures that allow the bike to float on softer snow, while studs help with traction on the ice. A stronger alternator using rare earth magnets was also incorporated, enabling the Himalayans to produce more current so the team can run heated gear full time. Unlike Shinji’s expedition in 1992, it appears they will be attempting the journey without any kind of skis on their front wheels.
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