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Elmtree Pete

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New Forest UK
Hi all, been a 'biker' since the 60's on and off and have owned many types and makes of bikes over the years, and toured over a good deal of Europe. As I'm 'knocking on' in years, thought i'd get 'back to basics' recently , part exed the Yamaha Tracer and bought a nearly new Interceptor earlier this year - very impressed. Also seduced by the Himalayan, so now got one too (this is all based on 'no pockets in shrouds' and can't take it with you' philosophy! :giggle:


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Did you have the MT700 or the 900? Tried them both, preferred the twin. Lovely tractable engine that.


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Hello Pete and welcome to this form across the pond. You have great taste in bikes. I to have a Himalayan and a 650 GT.
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