Hello Classic Owners


Finally made it
A bit premature but thought I'd throw one in here to start the ball rolling... Here in British Columbia our insurance is based upon cc of bike. The new twins are in a class where it will cost me approx $1,000 a year ( with all my good guy safe driving discounts) so makes it a tough decision to add one to the stable...
On the other hand, if you have a 25 year old bike in clean original condition, you can get collector plate insurance for approx $200 a year. Moral of the story is I am actively seeking an original Interceptor Mk11! Did you know they were the fastest production bike made in their time? 120mph. 100plus mph quarter mile. '68 thru the end in 1970 had a wet sump, Norton Roadholder forks and a bunch of other improvements. Will update as I move to ownership of one of these awesome bikes..
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