For Sale 2020 Himalayan in All Black

Bob Ain't Stoppin'

Total noob
Uxbridge, MA
Bought this bike in March 2020 just when lockdown started. Nameplate shows manufacture date of Jan 2020. Bike is all black. I bought with factory side cases which have never been used and are not currently mounted. I have added the eastern beaver power block so you have a couple of circuits to work with. Also put on a BMW socket always live for battery charging etc. Comes with Viaterra front bags. Bought it for putting around locally. I'm a long time Beemer guy and wanted something smaller for local stuff. Turns out I just don't use it much so time to clear out the garage. Bike has 2200 miles on it and never dropped. No issues, runs as delivered new. Located in south central Massachusetts. If interested, best is to email me at bashadden at g-mail dot com. Or post here and I'll try to keep an eye on the thread. Thanks for listening. Edit to add price at $4400

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