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Hi folks, after long consideration i sold my GS to the dealer and bought this dubbel-black beauty instead! The 1150 Williams was getting heavy to handle, besides... this young black thing makes me smile 😁
I have to wait for the dealer to prep her and install some accessoires and get her licenced... in a few weeks time i can pick her up! Please dont tel her parents she's dating an old fart 😜



Getting there...
Most Adventure bikes have never appealed to me in the looks department, but Royal Enfield has somehow managed to make a very handsome Adventure bike. Kudos to them.

It's one of the many reasons I was drawn to the Himalayan.


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Welcome Eddy.
Great looking bike.
What accessories are you getting ? Post pics of your bike with the accessories when you get it.


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Welcome Eddy to this forum. I also sold my BMW F650. The Himmy makes a much better dirt bike and it also handles better on the road. It doesn’t have as much power but that makes it a better off road bike and it has enough power on the pavement for me as-well. It is also much easier and cheaper for me to maintain.
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Eddy the Mad

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Thanks for the warm welcome, when i notist i used the GS less and less becouse it was becoming a hassle it was time for me to make a change. On the accessoires front, i will start out slowly with only a Givi engineguard / RE handguards / RE heelguard and look at the luggage options at a later point in time.
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