Does your Himalayan have a name?


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Oh dear!!!
Definitely a "Ghost in the machine." Fortunately, it hasn't affected drivability, but I have walked out into the garage to the windows down, and sometimes the stereo will start playing when you open a door even though the head unit display hasn't come on. This is why simple bikes like the Himalayan are nice to own. My new KLX300SM doesn't even have ABS. No gear indicator, no fuel gauge, etc. My Van Van is pretty much the same bike as it was in the 1970s except for fuel injection and a disk break on the front.


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I don't seem to be a "name your inanimate object" sort of person. I have occasionally referred to my other/first bike as Moto. If I give the Himalayan a name it will be something that arises from circumstance.


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Sheffield, UK
Mines called "Wilf" simply because I think the first Royal Enfield importer to the UK in the late 80's/early 90's was Wilf Green in Sheffield. (i bought my first bike; an MZ form him).
Some of those early Enfields were pretty ropy but loads of charm. Great to see how they've progressed.


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I've named mine Chomo Lonzo.(Chomo for short) It is one of the Himalayan mountains and translates to bird-goddess. This is because the mountain has three peaks that makes it look like a giant bird



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Just ordered the state of Maine plate KALI MA for my 2020! The bike is black so it seemed appropriate.
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