Collection and First Ride


Getting there...
Collected the bike from M& S on Newcastle today. Excellent firm with which to do business. A full tank of fuel on collection which, in present circumstances, is a great bonus. What a lovely bike to ride. So much better than my HD in the city and the lack of top end speed is of no concern to me because getting away at the lights and roundabouts is as quick as needed be.
A particularly comfortable seat and the clutch/gear kit is as easy as it gets - although I need less bulky boots to operate it with greater ease.
Absolutely nothing to complain about - I'm certainly not bemoaning the lack of the tripper, it seems an affectation and the brown looks beautiful.


Total noob
It's amazing how different riding a RE is compared to a medium/large cruiser like a Harley! It has to be one of their best selling points.

I have size 11 feet and with my heavyweight boots on, I find I point my boots outwards slightly and gearchange with the side of my boot hooking the gearshift link rather than trying to position the gear change pad under the link. It works for me and is comfortable.

Have fun and relax with the bike.
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