Can't read the clock on the instrument binnacle ???

Roy Gavin

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Getting lost assumes you are trying to go somewhere in particular and have failed.
It is easy avoided by not attempting to go anywhere specific, then you while you might end up not knowing where you are you are not lost, you are exploring!
This is England .... getting lost is not an option ..... unfortunately .... :(
I do weekly, year round "commutes " of 300 miles + so having the time available is useful....
As for Adventure Bikes .... Julie and I towed a GS1100 out of the mud at Donnington a couple of years ago ... up to its rear axle and stuck.... how we laughed as we pulled him out with our Isuzu pick up ....
But not as loudly as his mate on the ZX-10 .... the super wide rear tyre on the ZX-10 allowed it to drive around on the mud without sinking ...
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Well travelled
"I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see..."
FWIW - I have a GPS watch and GPS in my phone. With the dash GPS I can triangulate exactly where I'm lost.:)
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