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Hello all. New member here, I apologize for possibly posting this in the wrong place but I’ll give it a shot. Just took delivery of my INT 650 and noticed something odd about the front brake lever. It has about an inch of travel (maybe a bit less), before it actually engages the piston and begins to actuate the front brake. Since I’m not a complete noob and own four other bikes, none of which do anything similar (all pre-2006 and carbureted) just thought I would ask before I take it back to the dealer and look like a goofball or tear into it myself and try to figure out if there is something awry. On an unrelated note, Is it just me or does this bike have the thinnest grips ever? They are going to be the first thing to go. Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Hello BDCINMD and welcome to this forum.
Yep it sounds like they need to bleed the brakes. Take it back to the dealer. Things like this should have been done when it was in PDI. As for the grips it’s really a personal thing. I like the stock grips, but that’s why there are a lot of after market ones to choose from.
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