Bike not shifting up out of first when on?


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Posting this here because this forum gets much more traffic than the Scram one.

Bike's got 100 miles. I swapped the stock levers for adjustable ones and now it doesn't want to shift up out of first when it's on. It'll pop into second if I rock it and give the lever some force, but shifting into neutral from first is almost impossible.

Now here's the weird part: It's shifts just fine when the bike's off.

I've spent a lot of time playing with the clutch free play but that doesn't seem to make any difference.

So, what do you think? Normal break in bugs or something I should be concerned about? I was thinking about putting the stock levers back on but #1, I can't think of any reason they'd cause this problem and #2 I installed them to address a specific issue (wife's small hands).


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I have fairly average size hands for a male at glove size 9 but I have to adjust a lot of bike's clutch levers to be able to feather the cluch in winter gloves [the Tracer 9 is so bad that I am buying an aftermarket replacement lever]. If you have pulled the lever back to the bars try letting it out a little then engaging higher gears, this may work.

As others have said it could also be incorrect adjustment following replacement. Fit the original lever and have a look at how much cable is pulled into the outer at the engine end as you operate the clutch-an easy way is to put a cable tie around the wire part of the cable then pull in the clutch, the tie will slide down showing how much cable you have 'used'. Leave the tie in place and replace the lever then operate it and see if the tie just touches the outer-if it is short then you don't have enough movement.
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