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Thoughts don't seem to go down that well with quite a few on this forum--------.
Looks like a copy of a Hima motor in a copy of a Bullet frame.
The conventional wisdom with any new vehicle is to let them sort out the faults on the launch edition and wait for the MK2.
And we can be reasonably certain that the suspension has not been designed/developed by someone the caliber of the Harris boys, so it likely won't have that essential correctness that sets the Hima apart.
But their 502s are reputed to be the top selling bike range in Italy, so they must be doing something right!
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It looks like a 374cc - lower torque figures than a Himmi. Air cooled.
Competition for the Meteor 350 perhaps?
Apparently there is a similar 350cc retro Honda too.
Looks like a few bike companies are gunning for a spot in the RE niche/s.


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It is a four hundred air cooled four stroke single, much like the Classi 350/500 RE. First saw it in 2019 when I was shopping for my Hima.
It's made in China, that will put some people of...
I do like the looks of it, especially when in black.
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