2021 Himalayan Maintenance/Upgrades


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Did anyone pull the trigger on the Andreani cartridges or Ohlins rear sock?
I have been reading this site with interest. I have been riding for 70+ years, a lot of off road, trials, expert status m/x, ISDT etc. so have experienced the improvements of suspension over the years. My criterior now is fork compliance, I call it light damping at a static loading. After racing with bikes that had the old conventional forks, when the 35mm Ceriani's became available [100 bucks a set] the comfort level was amazing. Riding desert washboard power line roads you could see the sliders moving constantly soaking up the small undulations. My BMW 1200R with Telelever forks does the same,
i watch the movement of the sliders. KLR, WeeStrom and now my Himmi all felt overdamped in the initial one inch fork movement. I have a high regard for Harris chassis expertise, but for me i want fork action to be supple, so my next mod is to drill and tap the fork sliders for drain plugs, like bikes used to have. Play around with fork oil and level, or slip a pair of 1960's ceriani's ! Comments welcome.


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The Ohlins site has full details of the spring, spring, precompression and fluid grade and level in their fork upgrade kit.
Probably won't make it work as well as one of their shocks but they must have experimented a little, and it is a bit softer than Racetech's guide.
I put 35mm Ceriani's on a B44 Victor , but they were $450- by then .
Worked better than stock, but stock springs on the 275 lb Victor were the same as on the 550 lb Triple Rocket 3 .
But then the shocks were too stiff, more big bucks to Maxton!
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