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  1. Sidequestadventure

    Himalayan farewell

    Probably too late, but what were the issues you had?
  2. Sidequestadventure

    Budget waterproof bag for tank side rack?

    neat, I might have to get one, I doubt it's very water resistant but could still be good for dry times or misty rides.
  3. Sidequestadventure

    Test Rode a GT - Here are My Thoughts

    Updated the description a little.
  4. Sidequestadventure

    Test Rode a GT - Here are My Thoughts

    lol remember it's 650cc, since the Himalayan will do 75+ this easily will do more than that.
  5. Sidequestadventure

    Test Rode a GT - Here are My Thoughts

    RE had their twins day (demo day) in San Jose last weekend so I went there with the intention of test riding the GT. The Interceptor was there but didn't have much interest in it as I was curious about the GT's cafe racer style seating position. I have to say I really liked it. I'm not a brand...
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    Another place to put the ambient temperature sensor

    What let you to this conclusion. I'm not doubting you but in a simple ECU engine temp isn't always a consideration. However if it is, it would be very important to know. The US version uses a 4 wire (or 5?) o2 sensor which I believe carriers exhaust temp which would be required for emissions and...
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    - For the RE hand guards, pretty much guarantee these will be a disaster in a crash. First we hear of it will be pics of some poor dudes hands being torn to bits when they fell apart the second they touched the ground. Was told they are cast, big no no. - For the cheap Amazon ones; meh...
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    Noise opinion

    I have a rattle noise coming from my engine, after many many many conversions it seems *some* people have this issue and is completely ignored by RE (even previous generations have it). I even talked to the dealer about it and the basically brushed me off because of the design of the bike...
  9. Sidequestadventure

    Another place to put the ambient temperature sensor

    This is likely to soak, it would be similar putting it on the dash of your car just with the windows down. UV by itself is going to give you a false positive. Flipping that 180 degrees is probably far more accurate. The guy who stuck his in the rear box has a similar problem in that the...
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    Handlebar Grips

    I just installed heated grips. I picked up the Oxford Adventure Series which have more grip and are slightly longer and larger diameter. I have the same issue with the stock ones being too small. .
  11. Sidequestadventure

    Soft saddle bags / dry dry saddle bags

    Agreed the Naz bags have a nicer look. I went with the nelson Riggs because of the price. I think as other reviews have mentioned might have a slight QC issue but nothing was broken or bad on my set. They install easy once you get the hang of which end is up. I use the bottom straps to...
  12. Sidequestadventure

    Bar risers?

    I ended up ordering these ones, though I swear they were $54 when I ordered them on Friday. I was able to reposition the clutch cable to make it work. I'm 5'7" so I pulled the handbars back about 3/4"-1" and at the respective height they may actually be too tall now but will have to ride it...
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    What Oil do You Use?

    I'm using Castrol Activo 20w-50 which is a semi synthetic I've had from 300 miles to 1000 miles and will change next week, simply because I have a big ride coming up. I'm considering switching to another semi from another brand or full synthetic. I have weeping around the chain tensioner which...
  14. Sidequestadventure

    What Oil do You Use?

    Tell us what oil you use, why you chose it and your experience with it. Also, if you can tell us how many miles you've been running it for. Himalayan calls for a 4T MA2. Should you use standard motor oil? - No. Standard motor oil synthetic or no may contain friction modifiers that can cause...
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    Tubless Conversion

    I've been considering doing this, I was actually going to attempt to convert the rear this weekend with a friend who has done it before but looking at the stock MT60 tires it just says "tube type" so I'm not sure they are suited for it. If this is the case I think what I will do is actually...
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    Tube Options

    I've heard this but, if true I guess I'm fine with it but seems like you might run into a pinching hazard? Either way I'll try to carry two for longer trips because "home" may not be close.
  17. Sidequestadventure

    Tube Options

  18. Sidequestadventure

    Tube Options

    Ok. So the sizing thing is a little confusing. I've never dealt with tubes sizes before. I see the 90/90 and 120/90 F/R on the tires, but what size tubes do I order? Is there a recommended type or brand? These will serve as back ups on road trips (along with a patch kit).
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    Bar risers?

    So I'm thinking about getting bar risers. However I'm not "tall" I'm 5' 7" and gifted with short arms and left. However I find myself sitting at the back of the seat reaching for the bar which is most comfortable. However the slight lean and what seems like to me lower bars is causing my...
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    Ticking noise over 3000rpm when riding.

    The dealer told me it was carbureted. That's my problem with dealerships, it's too easy to be dismissive with no evidence. I had read one other person having issues and I cannot find it now but found out the valve seat was ground incorrectly. (My memory of this was very fussy because I read it...
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