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  1. Sidequestadventure

    Test Rode a GT - Here are My Thoughts

    RE had their twins day (demo day) in San Jose last weekend so I went there with the intention of test riding the GT. The Interceptor was there but didn't have much interest in it as I was curious about the GT's cafe racer style seating position. I have to say I really liked it. I'm not a brand...
  2. Sidequestadventure

    What Oil do You Use?

    Tell us what oil you use, why you chose it and your experience with it. Also, if you can tell us how many miles you've been running it for. Himalayan calls for a 4T MA2. Should you use standard motor oil? - No. Standard motor oil synthetic or no may contain friction modifiers that can cause...
  3. Sidequestadventure

    Tube Options

    Ok. So the sizing thing is a little confusing. I've never dealt with tubes sizes before. I see the 90/90 and 120/90 F/R on the tires, but what size tubes do I order? Is there a recommended type or brand? These will serve as back ups on road trips (along with a patch kit).
  4. Sidequestadventure

    Nor Cal Owners Thread

    Thought I would create this post, would be great to meet some other people in the area. I'm in the SF Bay area.
  5. Sidequestadventure

    Joey Here From SF Bay Area Rocking a Himalayan!

    Was reluctant to join this forum because of the well established avrider forum but having more than one post goes a long way, plus growing the community connection is always great! Bought the bike because I fell in love with the style. Burning through the miles right now to prep for a 16 day...
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