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  1. oldphart

    Old Phart's Himalayan sidecar project

    I've just made and posted a video about my sidecar project. This is just the start of the project, other videos will come as they're made. Celebrating madness 😹
  2. oldphart

    Adelaide Old Phart's Himalayan videos

    I've actually got another thread for this in the 'ride reports' section, but it seems to be invisible there (no-one visits it). So I'm being naughty and will post my videos in this thread :D...
  3. oldphart

    My sidecar build

    I recently bought a second hand sidecar to fit to my Himalayan. It came off an XT250 and is was build light to suit - aluminium body. This is my first real day playing with it. No actual building done. I just put my bike on the centrestand, collected some bricks and loosely assembled the chair...
  4. oldphart

    Air injection system deletion

    Yeah, that's the system that feeds fresh air into the exhaust to fool the emissions people... and it's also responsible for all that popping and banging on over-run. Well, mine 'fell off' today. :D I have a carby bike and on those, it's a vacuum system. The efi bikes have an electrically...
  5. oldphart

    My new badge

    Promising power... when the reality is cheerful torque :ROFLMAO:
  6. oldphart

    Adelaide Old Phart's adventures in South Australia

    This is my latest video. There are quite a few more on you youtube channel. I hope you enjoy it. A short ride in the Hills near Kersbrook. This little road connects North East Rd to South Para Rd and neatly avoids those tight twisties (that used to be nice but there's too much traffic these...
  7. oldphart

    And a hello from the wilds of Adelaide

    G'day all. I've just discovered you. Just joined. I have a 2019 Himalayan (carby, no ABS, a king's ransom in farkles) which somehow got the name Gimli's Axe. No, I don't know how it happened. By way of introduction, I have a youtube channel called Adelaide Oldphart...
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