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  1. Wintrup

    Further Brake Issues

    Wiltshire Man posted a video on a potentially nasty front brake failure, so I thought I ought to post here.
  2. Wintrup

    Petrol Tank Cap Rusting (anti-lockout precaution)

    My tank cap is badly corroded, likely due to the hydrophilic properties of ethanol, so I took it off to clean. The rubber seal was also cracking badly, so it's only a matter of time before I'll have to replace it. Anyhow, I took it all apart and noticed that the lock barrel was also corroding...
  3. Wintrup

    Full Synthetic Oil Vendor Recommendation

    For those in the UK, Smith & Allan sell 5 litres of fully synthetic oil 10W-40 for £22.50 delivered. Just bought some and done my yearly oil change...
  4. Wintrup

    Tyres and Fuel Consumption

    Since changing to the rear Tourance, I've been impressed by it's performance on this bike on tarmac. And although I expected improved fuel consumption, it has exceeded that expectation. Usually I hit 180-85 miles before reserve, on the Tourance I'm at 210 miles and counting. When I fill up I...
  5. Wintrup

    Tyre Change No Balancing Dot

    Finally got around to fitting the rear Metzler Tourance. In fact it's the first time I've ever changed a tyre, so there was a lot of faffing and cursing. I got the tyre on and must've pinched the tube, so had to fit a new one. On the Tourance there's no balancing dot, so I don't know what I'm...
  6. Wintrup

    Anti-everything mob vs Biker

    Have to admit this put a large smile on my face. I know these weirdos have some strange ideas about property rights, but they clearly underestimated a biker's ire if you mess with his ride.
  7. Wintrup

    Chain Tension Swinging Arm Marks

    This afternoon I greased up the king link on my chain, which was stiff. Getting the wheel correctly aligned on this bike is a pain. The swinging arm markers are difficult to see in the sun and frankly I don't trust them anyway. Most of my bikes have had good solid adjuster and accurate markers...
  8. Wintrup

    Himalayan Vehicle Safety Recall UK

    This morning I received a letter from Royal Enfield informing me of a defect that occurs under certain conditions. It read: "When motorcycles are used on roads on which a large quantity of salt has been applied during the winter for melting ice. and if brake calipers are not cleaned thereafter...
  9. Wintrup

    Front brake judder

    Not much to write about and in no mood to write, but thought I'd just post up on the front brake judder. It was getting annoying and I thought I'd better look into it. So today I put it on the centre stand and checked the steering, no notchiness radially, but, as I suspected, pretty bad axial...
  10. Wintrup

    Himalayan parts UK

    Where the hell are you meant to source parts for the Himalayan? I'm asking before I get in touch with RE UK and pose the same question. I want to fully strip the rear brake to clean out the corrosion, but had second thoughts because if I damaged a part I wasn't sure where I could get a...
  11. Wintrup

    Insurance, oh golly

    It's that time again to sink down into the sewer and try to get the best deal from the motley bunch of brokers who're intent squeezing every last pip out of me. Around the first mucky bend, Carole Nash who tried it on by asking me to pay an extra £15 to go through the details of a quote I'd got...
  12. Wintrup

    Tyres UK

    At 5K I need a new rear tyre and wondered what UK Himalayan owners are using and where they get their tyres from. I wanted Mitas E07 plus, but can't seem to find any place that sells them in the UK. Most of the Mitas tyres here are tubeless anyway. The best deal I can find is for Metzler...
  13. Wintrup

    6000 miles & 1 Year of Ownership

    I'm still very much enjoying riding the bike, but there are some :( issues that I hadn't quite anticipated with consumables. Unbelievably, because I've cleaned and oiled it regularly, 6k and the chain is shot. Also the rear tyre in on it's last legs. On my far more powerful TDM had only one...
  14. Wintrup

    A Scary Story

    Oftentimes when sat around the campfire someone will tell a story that sends shudders among the huddled group. Here is such a story, though it's not what you think and yet it is. Will you allow your thinking to be checked?
  15. Wintrup

    Wiltshire Man Buys a Himalayan

    An interesting chap is Wiltshire Man. I've been a YT subscriber for a some years, I love his bush craft and camping trips content, so was happy that he caught the Himalayan bug.
  16. Wintrup

    A Crisp Winter Morning Ride

    With ice hanging from the trees and covering my saddle, I decided to go out for a 20 mile ride (forgot to take a phone, next time). The cold battery struggled to fire it up and it struggled to hold an idle, needing a few blips of throttle to get warm. The seat was solid, so it must hold a lot of...
  17. Wintrup

    Dodgy Compass

    One of this things I was excited about when I bought my Himalayan was having an on-board compass. I'd tried to fit one on my Yamaha, with no success. So it's yet another annoyance that it really doesn't work. It'll point you in any direction you want to go in, as long as it's north or...
  18. Wintrup

    Tyre Shop oop North?

    Anyone know of a good place to get tyres up this way. I'm in Cumbria.
  19. Wintrup

    Multiple Quotes in Replies

    No admin thread to post this in, so I'm posting here. I'm having trouble with multiple quote replies. On other forums I use quote - quote/ in brackets to format the reply, but here it doesn't seem to work. And then the badly formatted post gets saved and keeps recurring when I try to start again.
  20. Wintrup

    Seat Lock Mechanism Fail

    On lifting my seat to get my tool kit out, I noticed this design gem. Plastic and snapped.
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