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  1. Wintrup

    Himalayan Vehicle Safety Recall UK

    I recently emailed them informing them the bike got an MOT advisory for binding and asking when the parts will be available for the recall fitting. They wrote an email back asking for my contact number in order to assist me with the query. I wrote back again informing them that they don't need...
  2. Wintrup

    Further Brake Issues

    Wiltshire Man posted a video on a potentially nasty front brake failure, so I thought I ought to post here.
  3. Wintrup

    London England here

    Welcome to the forum from another white Himalayan owner.
  4. Wintrup

    RTW Trip on a Himalayan

    Beautiful. My one memory of Zakopane was the lovely traditional wooden houses. It was the country folk from Zakopane who first came out in protest about lockdowns in Poland, I hope they've managed to stay open. Maybe your travels have stalled, but at least you're out of the absolute madhouse...
  5. Wintrup

    brake hang up

    I've had an ongoing problem with back brake piston corrosion and seizing. Royal Enfield have acknowledged the problem and promised to replace the unit, though they're being very slow about it. I've managed to take the piston out and cleaned it and the caliper bore. Usually it seizes when the...
  6. Wintrup

    New potential owner West Yorkshire.

    Made an error. I meant to say I've gone one tooth lower.
  7. Wintrup

    brake hang up

    Hello and welcome. I don't know what you mean by "hang up".
  8. Wintrup

    New potential owner West Yorkshire.

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I think you answered your own question in regard to the extra tooth front sprocket on the Himalayan. I guess there's no harm in trying it though. I've gone one tooth lower, which is just right for the hilly lanes around here.
  9. Wintrup

    Hi from the New Forest UK

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Did you have the MT700 or the 900? Tried them both, preferred the twin. Lovely tractable engine that.
  10. Wintrup

    Front Brake Binding

    There's been a recall due to this issue. Here's the thread.
  11. Wintrup

    Washington state bans gasoline powered vehicles and their registration by 2030

    I wrote on a biker YT channel last year that this will be my last motorcycle, as the internal combustion engine is fast heading for obsolescence, or, more specifically, they will be outlawed before 2050 for all but the privileged classes. The comment was ignored, as expected. Seems like a long...
  12. Wintrup

    Update on Itchyboots

  13. Wintrup

    Update on Itchyboots

    If I cared that much about money, then, if I were her age, riding my bike for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and having an audience of sad old men living vicariously through me, would be like winning the lottery. I'd happily do overtime at that job. But, of course, she doesn't "work" anything...
  14. Wintrup

    Petrol Tank Cap Rusting (anti-lockout precaution)

    My tank cap is badly corroded, likely due to the hydrophilic properties of ethanol, so I took it off to clean. The rubber seal was also cracking badly, so it's only a matter of time before I'll have to replace it. Anyhow, I took it all apart and noticed that the lock barrel was also corroding...
  15. Wintrup

    Update on Itchyboots

    According to this calculator her estimated earnings are $862 per video. So if she churns out 3 videos a week her income is $2586 a week. Then there's the merchandise and sponsorship, if she has it. Cute girl on bike is a shrewd business idea I'd say. Not my cup of tea, but then I'm a hateful...
  16. Wintrup

    How many are following Itchy Boots

    It is over, it just has a lot of political legs that keep it running and running and running.
  17. Wintrup


    Welcome to the forum
  18. Wintrup

    New owner in UK

    Welcome Grim
  19. Wintrup

    Misting in Speedometer and RevCounter.

    The same thing happens with the Himalayan clocks. Mine have been misting over since I've had it. I did stick a few silicone bags in, but that didn't work. I would have taken to the dealer, but it's too far away to bother. I'll likely try drilling a small hole somewhere, as others have done.
  20. Wintrup

    Full Synthetic Oil Vendor Recommendation

    For those in the UK, Smith & Allan sell 5 litres of fully synthetic oil 10W-40 for £22.50 delivered. Just bought some and done my yearly oil change...
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