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    Well I just replaced the rear tire on my Interceptor. Got another Parilli Phantom to match the original as the front tire had lots of miles left on it and I had gotten as much use out of the original. So I'm thinking down the line as to what brand and series of tires I would fit when I need to...
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    I purchased one of those seats out of India shortly after getting my Interceptor. On short rides it is OK but you want or need to put down mileage it will cripple you. Anyone found a better quality seat? Did over 600 miles over Fathers Day and I was very sore when the riding was done.
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    How accurate is your speedometer?

    I was out for a ride last week and one of the other riders asked why I was going so slow? Said I was doing the posted speed limit of 65, he said that by his I was doing 58. Interesting. So later today I will do a speedometer check with my wife following me in her car and the Garmin. I will...
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    2019 650 Recall

    I just got this yesterday. Looks like there is an issue with the brake calipers when used on bikes ridden on salted roads.
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    Just over 5K

    Went out on 2 rides one on Saturday and the other on Monday. Put a bit over 200 miles on the bike taking mostly Farm to Market roads that wander all over Texas. Saturdays ride I was pretty much by myself and yesterdays ride was with friends who mostly ride Harleys. I think my Interceptor...
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    Craven bags for Interceptors

    I was on who are now the supplier for Craven bags or as the Brits call the Panniers. They are now making some real nice looking equipment for the 650 Interceptors but I'm sure they would fit the GT models too. Check them out. John in Texas
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    Starting problems?

    Has anyone else had a starting problem on their Interceptor? I have to wiggle my ignition switch at times to get it to work and 2 days ago it just quit. Not sure what is happening so once I got it home I pulled the battery and put it on the charger, it was at 90% when I put it on and 5 minutes...
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    Greetings from North Texas

    Just came across this forum. I picked up a 19 Interceptor, my first new bike in over 40 years. My wife thought I should have a more reliable bike than my 74 850 Norton Interstate hell it only has around 240K miles on it. I ride with the Two Wheeled Texans about once a month. I'm the only one...
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