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    Royal Enfield Himalayan Big Bore kit

    I got a stock Himalayan handlebar top clamp and flipped it putting it underneath the handlebar. It’s now the perfect height for me while just riding on the street or standing on the foot pegs riding off road. If I remember right with the extra long bolts it cost was just under $20 three years...
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    New Himalayan rider

    Hello and welcome to this forum Dave. If it’s a new not a used bike I’ll ask, did you probably break-in or sometimes called bed-in your brakes? Doing so really makes a difference. Here is a link that will help; EBC...
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    Stratos Performance air filter and inlet plate.

    On a motorcycle loctite is your friend.😃 I also used just a little line of sticky grease around the back of the flange on the air filter where it comes in contact with the bike to make sure one get’s a good air seal.
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    Hi from OZ

    Hello and welcome to this forum. I have a early none ABS 2018 Himalayan and love it. You have a 40’s Flying Flea and it’s running? I’m so jealous! Do you have any photos of it you can share?
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    Bullet silencer

    I would ask Hitchcocks they would know.
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    US INT 650 Recall -- caliper failure -- from salted roads. Are YOU driving on salted roads?

    I think if you live next to the ocean or live where they salt the roads there my be an issue. I live some 100 miles from the ocean, always after coming home from a ride there I always give my bike a good cleaning the same day, no worries.
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    Weekend Ride to Grapevine Lake in my RE INT 650

    The wife and I are going to spend two-three days in Brownwood to look over the area, then on to East TX. A year ago it was a seller’s market, but now it’s a crazy market. In most cases properly only lasting 24-48 hours after listing and selling for over asking price. So I may have to wait for...
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    Northern Rockies Owner's Thread

    Beartooth Pass is one of my favorite Pass to ride.
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    GT 650 fairing.

    I put one of these on a Kaw Eliminator many years ago.
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    INT 650 New Member

    Hello and welcome to this forum. I like the chrome. My buddy just bought one after taking my Continental GT for a spin.
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    Heavy steering

    My steering is spot on on my Himmy. Did you check the steering head bearing tension? How many miles on the bike? The bearings may be in need service, see the discussion here.
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    Bullet Classic?

    Many people call them a Bullet but they are built off of the Classic frame.
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    New Hima Ireland

    Hello and welcome to this forum from across the pond.
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    "New" Continental GT! But not new to this forum....

    Hello Curt, and welcome to this forum and congratulations on the new bikes. Interesting story. You can get a bar-end riser kit and also put the same front foot pegs and shifting and brake pedal set up as the Intercepter 650 has to help your riding position. The 650 GT and the 650 Intercepter...
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    Bullet Classic 500 Tribute Black

    Very nice thank you for sharing.
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    Bullet Classic 500 Tribute Black

    Welcome to this forum across the pond. What a beautiful bike. I don't believe that model was ever available here in the US. It's a perfict bike to get back riding again, injoy your new ride. :)
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    Motorcyclist's "best-looking motorcycles of 2020" review.

    My buddies 2020 BMW K 1600 GTL dose the same thing a when I was at the last Triumph dealer breakfast they was a guy with a new 2021 Triumph Rocket 3 R complaining of the same issue. But then haven’t we already discuss this in another post?
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    Motorcyclist's "best-looking motorcycles of 2020" review.

    With out a doubt the Continental GT pushes all the right buttons in my brain! But then I’m a retro Art Deco kind of guy anyway.
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    Brake Question

    Hello BDCINMD and welcome to this forum. Yep it sounds like they need to bleed the brakes. Take it back to the dealer. Things like this should have been done when it was in PDI. As for the grips it’s really a personal thing. I like the stock grips, but that’s why there are a lot of after market...
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    Light weight top box

    That is always possible. But let’s face it if they really want it they are going to steal it no mater where it’s on the bike or in a locked top box!
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