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  1. CiscoGoodDog

    Should I buy a New Meteor?

    Hi @detainer, Here is a walk-around video of my 2022 Meteor 350 ;-)
  2. CiscoGoodDog

    Should I buy a New Meteor?

    That's one of the reasons I love my Meteor. I can sit on the bike with my feet flat on the ground, and it's lite and easy to handle. My old GS Suzuki 1100 was a beast, tall and top heavy. Get yourself a Royal Enfield Classic or Meteor 350, no regrets ;-) And tell those punks at the bike shop...
  3. CiscoGoodDog

    Should I buy a New Meteor?

    Yes, I stick to secondary roads, and my Meteor will cruise at 65 mph all day long. Choosing between the Classic, Hunter, or Meteor is a matter of style and comfort. You might like the Scram 411 too ;-)
  4. CiscoGoodDog

    Thinking about installing heated grips

    Sunny but chilly today. I took a quick ride to the store and was wishing for warmer gloves. I just dropped a duce on Gerbing gloves and wire harness. Maybe I'll be able to ride to work again, soon. ;-)
  5. CiscoGoodDog

    New Bullet 500 owner

    Awesome bike, I had to search for pictures of that year model. Post some pictures, I want to see it (in military green). (y):p
  6. CiscoGoodDog

    Fuel pump non oem question

    In this case it looks absolutely necessary. Your photos make it clear that the fuel pump and oil line need to be shielded from the exhaust. Nice tight wrap job, though I would suggest wrapping from the bottom up so that the overlaps face downward. Beneficial or not, I think it would look great...
  7. CiscoGoodDog

    Why can't Royal Enfield build a bike with a better service interval?

    I had an Austin-Healey (loved it). Thanks to Lucas Electric I had to be a driver/mechanic (fussy little Britt cars). I also enjoy wrenching on my bike. I like to be one with my machine when I ride ;-)
  8. CiscoGoodDog

    Trouble canceling turn signals of the Interceptor.

    The switch assembly is similar to the switch on the Meteor. There was an older thread discussing this issue. I tried WD40 and silicone spray. It works for a while, but the issue persisted until I shot some Chain Wax spray into the switch. It hasn't given me any trouble since.
  9. CiscoGoodDog

    This changes everything.

    I'm all for a little more thump in the pump ;-)
  10. CiscoGoodDog

    Uncontolled Revving

    It sounds like the ECU is getting bad data. Oxygen sensors?
  11. CiscoGoodDog

    This changes everything.

    We can only hope ;-)
  12. CiscoGoodDog

    oil filter removal tool

    That is a good question. I see that Hitchcock's sells an oil filter socket tool: PART No. 90299 OIL FILTER WRENCH, 3/8'' DRIVE 650 Interceptor + 650 Continental GT The smallest filter sockets I've seen are 65/67mm with 14 points. Measure the width between the flats, across the center of the...
  13. CiscoGoodDog

    A damp Himmy in Somerset

    The intrepid Himalayan! My Meteor doesn't like the rain, hates getting it's tires wet ;-)
  14. CiscoGoodDog

    Swap Super Nova Grab Rail/Backrest.

    I got my Tec Bike order and installed the tail tidy. Much better ;-)
  15. CiscoGoodDog

    a funny story

    I'll never be able to look at my 'The Many Emotions of Spock' poster the same way again 8~()
  16. CiscoGoodDog

    Are the Ebay RE filters any good?

    I bought a 10 filter kit with gaskets and crush washers for my Meteor 350 from an eBay merchant (royal-rider). Yes, they were genuine RE replacement filters and gaskets. I thought it would be good to have the filters and gaskets on hand since these are just single layer paper filters, and I plan...
  17. CiscoGoodDog

    2022 Continental GT summer pics

    Gorgeous bike. Your pictures really show the beautiful detailing. Great color choice, and I'm envious of the spoked wheels with black rims. Yum ;-)
  18. CiscoGoodDog

    New member

    You have good friends ;-)
  19. CiscoGoodDog

    TEC Gear Level & Linkage + Running In Experience

    It felt awkward to me at first too. I didn't like having to dip my toe so far down to down shift. I raised the toe of the shifter up (lowering the heel too) by making an adjustable linkage like @Steve Farrer had. A small adjustment really made a difference.
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