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  1. Splinter

    Safety In Argentina

    I take your point, but this isn't a world media issue. It's a government policy issue where decisions have to be made. The rest of the world doesn't care about Argentina.
  2. Splinter

    Safety In Argentina

    We ran another protest on Saturday in the centre of Buenos Aires just outside the Ministry of Security, but of course there is also a lighter side.
  3. Splinter

    Pet Peeves about Himalayan review videos

    What many reviewers forget is context and why people watching the review are watching it in the first place. I saw one well known hatchet-job review which even went as low as criticising the "Toys R Us" (his words) logo on the engine, along with every point raised by @Spoody in the original...
  4. Splinter

    What else do you drive or ride ?

    Yes, they are Czech and Jawa Argentina has had the rights to sell the brand for many years with all the bikes assembled here from Chinese components, with some questionable quality and poor customer service. But everything has now changed; the company is now called RVM and run by the founder's...
  5. Splinter

    Learning to Ride at 75

    Great to see that your confidence and experience are on the up @GJC I started late in life as well and it's a learning curve where the learning never ends; in my case from the mistakes I've made. I also remember that fateful day when I had to take my first foray on the public roads. To say I...
  6. Splinter

    Hi from Washington

    Welcome and enjoy your new machine!
  7. Splinter

    Driving test in Argentina

    No idea mate, but my feeling is that much of the red tape here is inherited and as long as you go through the motions like a good citizen, all is kosher. But what struck me was how easy the A3 bike test was, in comparison with the UK for example which I've heard is very difficult. One thing I do...
  8. Splinter

    Driving test in Argentina

    I thought it was a joke at first and then I found this:
  9. Splinter

    Driving test in Argentina

    I first started riding here in 2009 and managed to blag my way around using my UK car driving license as I didn't have the UK motorcycle license since I'd never ridden one. All a bit naughty really, but I got away with it. Anyway, since police checkpoints are a daily routine here, the time would...
  10. Splinter

    I bought a Beeline yesterday!

    Ideally, I would also get a cheap used Android and hotspot it, keeping my expensive Note 20 out of view, but used prices are silly here. Back to the Beeline - I'm not totally convinced for the kind of courier work I do in this big city. It's not very accurate at all and reports a turning as...
  11. Splinter

    Safety In Argentina

    There was another motorcycle protest yesterday with thousands of bikes converging on the presidential residence in Olivos (La Quinta Presidencial). El Presidente wasn't at home and since the protest on 7th November, nothing has been done and not one politician has either mentioned the situation...
  12. Splinter

    Everyday sights in Buenos Aires

    No doubt about that at all :)
  13. Splinter

    3000km round trip through central Australia

    What a great trip you had, mate and lovely photos. I bet you're looking forward to the next one. Keep us posted.
  14. Splinter

    Everyday sights in Buenos Aires

    I've lived in Argentina for going on 18 years now and at first much of what I saw made my eyes pop out of my head, especially since I started riding about 15 years ago. I wouldn't say I agree with everything I see, but it has become kind of normal, like so many riders without helmets or simply...
  15. Splinter

    My reported death and subsequent resurrection

    One could call it the 'What if?' syndrome. I've had a few in the last couple of years, mainly due to drivers pulling out in front of me unexpectedly on suburban streets where I'm on the main thoroughfare and they should give way before pulling out. Since none of those junctions have white road...
  16. Splinter

    Top Advanced Riding Tips

    I installed a couple of those too (but no connect to the passing light), both on my Himalayan and previous bike. Drivers think twice now and I can actually see them change their minds before pulling out or whatever. I also look down to where I'm putting my feet when coming to a stop and/or...
  17. Splinter

    What do you call yours?

    I don't name my bikes either, but if I had to, I would call each of them, Horse, because they take me wherever I want to go without complaining. Especially true when they are fed and watered regularly :) If I had to name our 15 year Honda Jazz/Fit, it would be called The Shed.
  18. Splinter

    Top Advanced Riding Tips

    Vis a vis the above, when I approach a busy intersection (motorway exit) I always keep my eyes open for car drivers who decide to slice across me because they've left it till the last moment to exit. This does largely depend which lane I am in of course.
  19. Splinter

    Top Advanced Riding Tips

    If someone points at your bike while you're riding along. pretending that something is wrong with it, ignore them. It's probably a ruse. (may not apply to all countries)
  20. Splinter

    Recovering Harley owner

    I know nothing about Harleys except that they're noisy, expensive, but great to look at. Welcome to the group!
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