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  1. Viejo

    Low riders

    I read here something in relation to this matter but I can't find it (it could be from Alanrco but I'm not sure). I have a short but normal height of about 5.5 feet, but the length of my legs is not very proportionate. Something like this: Not so exagerated, luckily. :D I drive the Meteor with...
  2. Viejo

    Audible clicks on the head light

    Every time I leave my bike in the garage I hear some kind of beeps coming from the main headlight. I guess it's something inherent to halogen lamps, but I've never heard of such a thing before (my hearing is quite impaired too). Does anyone else experience this or may be it's just a personal...
  3. Viejo

    Another Meteorman, from Canary Islands, Spain

    Greetings to all the satisfied lovers of the Royal Enfield. Bored with my minimalist Honda SH 125i, months ago I decided to go back to a real motorcycle, one of the ones I've always liked but adapted to my condition as an old man who no longer needs speed to generate adrenaline. My choice was a...
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