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  1. Kiwiscoot

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Go up in a grade or two in the front fork oil to help it not bottom out so quick. I did that and it improved the front a lot. Also if you are over 75kgs then the back preload needs to be adjusted all the way. That way it will not hit the limit that easily. I'm 90kgs and it improved my ride. See...
  2. Kiwiscoot

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Get yourself a Seats Concept seat and you will never have a complaining arse. Well worth the money.
  3. Kiwiscoot

    Larger Foot Pegs for the Himalayan

    Suzuki DR650 footpegs fit. I have had the Aliexpress ones now for the last 25000 kms with lots of standing. They are comfortable.
  4. Kiwiscoot

    Considering buying a Himalayan, thoughts appreciated

    Second the DID525X chain. Got 15000 kms from factory chain with a Tutoro auto oiler because the link was not greased by the factory. Had to adjust the factory chain a few times. This DID chain has needed no adjustments for the entire 15 000kms. Well worth it.
  5. Kiwiscoot

    Considering buying a Himalayan, thoughts appreciated

    Ok I have done 30 000 kms on my 2018 Himalayan from new. I have had no issues at all. I do my maintenance myself, easy and simple. Did an oil and filter change in 15 minutes at a leisurely pace just before this ride last weekend. This bike really does what is "stated on the box", here is a...
  6. Kiwiscoot

    BS 6, the '*new* Himalayan 2020. Whats up?

    while others have had bad days, I've been blessed with 30 000 kms on my 2018 Himma issue free in countryside like this.
  7. Kiwiscoot

    Any equivalent options for Doubletake mirrors?

    I have those ones now for more than 20 000kms with no vibration or any other issues. Nice thing about them is that I fold them back when I am riding a route where the risk of dropping the bike is high.
  8. Kiwiscoot

    Touring saddle for Himlayan

    the touring seat from Seat Concepts is also an option. Good for 700 km days.
  9. Kiwiscoot

    RTW Trip on a Himalayan

    I really enjoyed your trip reports. Thanks and keep them coming when you resume your travels.
  10. Kiwiscoot

    Water in the air box

    your airbox should have a "duck bill" rubber water drain at the back nearest the back wheel. Might be blocked as the water should drain out once you switch the engine off.
  11. Kiwiscoot

    Himalayan excessive tappet noise

    You not having this. Mine did this ticking noise and I fixed it after watching this video.
  12. Kiwiscoot

    Tire Balance

    I am on my second set of tyres running balancing beads and the tyres run as smooth as. First set was Shinko 804/805 and I got 12 000 kms out of them. Just put a set of Motoz Tractionator GPS's on last weekend and they run smooth with the balancing beads as well. 2oz in each wheel...
  13. Kiwiscoot

    Himalayan Running Highway Speeds.

    70 cubic meters of dirt moved per hour....;) a bit different to 70 mph:ROFLMAO:
  14. Kiwiscoot

    New bike first oil change

    A piece of foil from the kitchen, doubled makes a cheap funnel too and can be reused and taken on long trips.:LOL:
  15. Kiwiscoot

    chain maintenance

    The master link has o-rings to keep muck out and grease in. Problem is that if the factory never put grease in then they run dry and wear. Oil applied to the chain will never get in there. Only way to check really is to remove the link and check or apply a good coating while you're at it. Just...
  16. Kiwiscoot

    chain maintenance

    I would suggest you check the master link as mine did not have any grease in it from the factory. I had to change the chain at 15 000kms even tho I had the chain oiler.
  17. Kiwiscoot

    Update on Itchyboots

    Wow, I can hardly believe the words "dishonesty" etc. is being banded around here and that her content is not "genuine". Sounds like sad wannabees. Go ride Sani pass and then come back and critique a video riding it as not being "genuine". That is a seriously difficult road. Some parts of the...
  18. Kiwiscoot

    chain maintenance

    OK I see where you are coming from. The old Kerosene had a lot of sulfur in it which caused rust. Guess today less sulfur the way the world has gone, but I have not left a chain overnight to see what would happen. On a chain tho the idea is to just squirt some on, brush with a brush...
  19. Kiwiscoot

    chain maintenance

    "Kerosene, also known as paraffin, lamp oil, .." as per Wikipedia link I provided. My post never said paraffin but it did say kerosene/paraffin as to clearly identify what I was referring to. In some parts of the world paraffin is the name used for kerosene, so that paraffin will not rust iron.
  20. Kiwiscoot

    chain maintenance

    this is where I fitted it....
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