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  1. Jerk

    Moderator/Not Moderator needed to help Jerk and Eatmore Mudd fight the spammers

    If you've been around here a bit and plan on sticking around, and visit the forum at least every day, we sure could use your help in fighting the spammers that seem to be getting real busy here lately. Everyone is being well-behaved, so really no other mod duties are required. Its a simple 3-4...
  2. Jerk

    Repeated stalling, now won't start

    My Himalayan nightmares continue. This is now the 4th Himalayan in my fleet of 6 that has stranded renters. Today was 6 hours of driving, $150 in fuel to rescue them. BTW, all of my Himalayans have had stock inner tube failures with low miles. I'm slowly changing them all out. 2019 Himalayan...
  3. Jerk

    Wanted: Himalayan non-ABS rear wheel

    Long shot, but does anyone have a complete rear wheel with sprocket and brake rotor they would be willing to let go? Located in USA.
  4. Jerk

    I have a smoker

    One of the Himmas is smoking heavily (6,000 miles). Its out of warranty, so I think I'm going to tackle this myself. Not much of a mechanic, but I have rebuilt my two stroke racers in the past. For those that have had the engine apart, what am I looking at here? Head assembly and gasket...
  5. Jerk

    Mexico, The Gift That Keeps Giving

    Was cruising around the subforums doing some cleanup and came across the Crash forum. Since I'm still limping around from my crash, thought I may as well add it here :) Last Thanksgiving weekend (2021) a group of 6 of us were down in Baja on the 2nd day of a 9 day trip. I did 5 weeks riding in...
  6. Jerk

    Need to come up with a cheat sheet for troubleshooting all the common problems.... help needed!

    I'm starting to get pretty nervous about the upcoming rental season and the fact that all my 2019 rental bikes now have around 5K miles on them. Thought it would be a good idea to come up with a cheat sheet that I can laminate to put on each bike in case renters are stranded somewhere remote and...
  7. Jerk

    MotoGP '22

    Marquez's highside this morning in warmup... wow, biggest highside I've ever seen! After 4 crashes this weekend and now a severe concussion, I think his career may very well be over.
  8. Jerk

    A place for Scram411 content

    A place for Scram411 content
  9. Jerk


    Thought I would post it here since this is the busiest sub-forum... Honestly, I'm not around much, so I am a little out of touch with what's going on here in general. Comments? Complaints? Improvements? Any need for more moderation? (Its just me these days) Any and all feedback welcome...
  10. Jerk

    Eatmore Mudd is missing... Does anyone know EatMore Mudd - Mike in Washington?

    Mike is one of our moderators and has been missing from the board for a couple months now. He was very active and helpful across the board, so his absence is definitely concerning. I've reached out to him via private email with no response. I don't know much about Mike, other than what I've...
  11. Jerk

    Meanwhile, in Switzerland

  12. Jerk

    2019 Himalayan Heavy White Smoke and Valve Noise 7,765 Miles

    This is now the 2nd of my 6 Himalayans to have the same valve noise and cylinder damage. First one had 3,000ish miles. This one has 7,765 miles. Its out of warranty. My first one is still at the RE dealer, a year later.
  13. Jerk

    Wanted: Himalayan OEM tool kit and rubber band

    Looking for stock tools along with the rubber holding loop if anyone has one laying around. Thanks!
  14. Jerk

    Northern Rockies Owner's Thread

    I have yet to see another RE in Montana. Anyone else here? I'm in Red Lodge, MT at the foot of the Beartooth Pass.
  15. Jerk

    Can anyone with a '21 Himalayan give me a report on their side stand length?

    I have a '21 stock side stand on hand, and it appears to be only about 1/8" shorter than the 2018-2020 side stands. Is the shorter length enough? Are you seeing enough lean angle? Thanks :)
  16. Jerk

    Post up your Meteor 350 content here!

    Post up your Meteor 350 content here!
  17. Jerk

    HimmaShortStand now available!

    OEM side stand professionally shortened 3/8" with a 2" circular footpad. $89 after core return. It was a long time coming and quite a bit of effort, but they came out perfectly. I think everyone will be really happy with these. As always, any feedback is...
  18. Jerk

    Himalayan excessive tappet noise

    One of my Himmas has developed a fairly loud tappet ticking sound at about 5,000 miles. I've double checked the valve clearance and everything is good. Oil level is good and has not changed recently. Anyone else have this? Normal?
  19. Jerk

    Wanted: stock bash plate

    Looking for a stock bash plate in good condition. Thanks.
  20. Jerk

    Wanted: L and R stock footpegs

    Has anyone upgraded to different footpegs and have their stock footpegs? Really need a Right only but will take both!
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