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  1. LIGuy

    Well, well...would you look at that?

    Up here in the lovely NE part of the US we need to get ready for the dreaded winter. Whether its boats or motorcycles, winterization is a word you need to familiarize yourself with. With that being said once snow arrives its over for motorcycling and I will need to keep the battery on the...
  2. LIGuy

    But Wait.....there's more. Its a Scrambler !!!1

    Lots of attention to the Meteor version, but I really dig the scrambler
  3. LIGuy

    Can I use a USB splitter?

    On my Classic 350 so that I can run my phone and dash cam or is there going to be a power issue. Can someone with more brains than me give me a logical explanation
  4. LIGuy

    A Sunday Morning Cruise on Long Island

    A ten minute sample my morning cruise today. This time with sound.
  5. LIGuy

    Video Test Run

    From my upside mounted camera that I had to use software to rotate. Hope the post works
  6. LIGuy

    Gorgeous Upstate NY

    Minus the BS we have a beautiful state. Here are some pictures from Delaware County . Been averaging about 100 miles a day for the last several days touring the county during my time off from work :)
  7. LIGuy

    NY Rainy day vent

    I though I would do the right thing and get the appropriate license for my motorcycle instead of driving out of class like most of my peers. I took the learners permit online and passed by a pretty good margin. NYS allows you to take the learners permit online as long as you have a camera on...
  8. LIGuy

    If HD motorcycles are so great

    Then why is it that when I look at the market for a used motorcycle 90% are HD's. Are people dissatisfied with them for one reason or the other.? On the other hand when I look for a RE or a Triumph it seems that they are not for sale as much, and I do understand that HD is big here in the...
  9. LIGuy

    Shout Out to FC Moto

    Don't know how many of you guys here in the States have used them, but I ordered a leather jacket in a style I just couldn't find around here. I wanted something in the classic British style leather of course to go with my Classic 350 ;) After much measuring and contemplating the size chart I...
  10. LIGuy

    Sunday AM Cruise

    Got up early to beat the crazies and took the scenic route through Upper Brookville, Oyster Bay and surrounding areas to Sagamore Hill , one TR's favorite places
  11. LIGuy

    New Yorkers - I see you out there

    Don't know how many of you are here, but let yourself be heard (And seen). Took this pic early this morning. All of a sudden going out on the boat fishing all day isn't as fun as it used to be, post-Enfield . I think Mr Roosevelt would have approved
  12. LIGuy

    High Speed Miss on Classic 350

    Im over the 2k mark on the 350 and now getting into riding it a little harder, and she likes to be revved, not pussyfooted. This is now the 3rd time I'm feeling what appears to be a high speed miss or possibly a fuel starvation issue (I think it misfires). It's basically a hiccup in the 50-55...
  13. LIGuy

    Any New Yawker around?

    figured I would ask while Im in here;)
  14. LIGuy

    RE Tripper Navigation

    Does anyone here in the USA have one of these units on their Classic 350? Seems like they stopped making this due to the semi-conductor shortage...hmmmm I've seen only a few places online that have them, all in India. Wondering if its worth trying to get one. It would work great for my use...
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