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    Slapping sound on startup

    Here is my Himma with 16,195 miles. Recent issue developed with slapping sound when cold. I will be taking it to the dealer this week. For those that have had the head gasket replaced, is this what you heard? The valves are properly adjusted.
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    Prentice Cooper State Park on a Himma

    Went for a ride yesterday with the big boys, KTM 690's and an Africa Twin. Little Himma did pretty good.
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    Cross Country on the Himalayan

    Finally finished my video of my recent trip across the country. Part !
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    Shinko 705 Tires.

    Still having troubles with my wobbly front end with the Shinko 705 installed. I got my front end put back together and everything regarding forks and bearings is just fine. Road the bike and big wobble. Pulled the Shinko back off and put the old OEM tire back on, rides straight and true, no...
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    Fork oil

    The manual calls for 455ml of fork oil. It calls for 2w 35 oil? I understand the 2w but what does the 35 stand for?
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    Fork Brace Bolt Broke

    Really pissed off today. Was checking the bolts to my front end, triple tree etc. Put an allen wrench to one of the bolts on the lower triple tree, just my hand and went to turn it to make sure it was tight and Frigging thing broke off. Knuckle heads at factory torqued the bolt down so much...
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    Rough road on the Himalayan.

    Took a solo ride on the Himma for a little ride near my house yesterday. Paved road soon gave way to rough dirt and mud. For those interested in the Himalayan, this video will give you a good idea how the bike does on rough roads. My camera is mounted on the helmet. You will notice that when...
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    Hello from Central Tennessee, Loadtoad here.

    Bought a Himma last May, now have 6800 miles of fun on my machine. Have rode the smokey mountains and the deserts out West and plan on many more adventures on my machine.
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