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    Lowering Kit

    I'd be curious to know if rear ride compliance got noticeably stiffer after installing the lowering links. I added links to my NC700XD to drop the seat height and a much stiffer ride was my first impression about 1/4 mile from home after the swap.
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    What would you do make the Scram 411 more of a Scrambler?

    Trade it in and buy a Himalayan. ;)
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    Owner and Service Manuals

    I have to chuckle at all the YouTube videos about the Scram 411, and many of them ask "Is the Scram any good in the dirt?" RE finally makes a street version of the Himalayan and people want to immediately take it into the dirt?
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    Tire repair

    I've been using Ride-On for years now and as I recall, the original magazine eval of that product was on a dual-sport bike with tube types. That was back in the 80s so a lot has happened since then. For a while Ride-On was completely off the market as the US Military was buying all...
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    Tire repair

    I'm seriously considering a Scram 411 and I've owned and ridden many street motorcycles but never one with tube-type tires. I'm curious to know how do you handle a puncture many miles from home? ps. ....and I have repaired punctures in a tubeless tire while on various trips far from home.
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    Learning to Ride at 75

    I was an MSF instructor for 16 yrs and people who are self-taught are usually missing lots of skills, some of which can help avoid having a serious accident. You should find a way to get to a class somewhere, maybe even in the states?
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