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  1. Bradster49

    I know you had heard it all before ; ))

    It's been a while since I was on here last as I was unfortunate enough to have a domestic accident resulting in a smashed lower back but glad to say I am slowly getting back to some semblance of mobility Part of my recovery process is to be determined to get back riding again but I reckon long...
  2. Bradster49

    What fuel?

    My dealer has advised me to use only 98 octane fuel in my Himi but it is the first I have heard of this I would have thought that it would have been happy with 95 given its heritage. What is everyone using?
  3. Bradster49

    Eastern Beaver PC8

    Hi all has anyone installed an eastern beaver pc8 to a Himi ? any hints and tips would be appreciated Cheers B
  4. Bradster49

    RE dealerships LONDON ?

    Hi all, I am in London for a couple of days and would like to know if there are any good RE dealers worth looking at?
  5. Bradster49

    Does your Himalayan have a name?

    I know people sometimes name their bikes for instance I once had a Harley shovelhead who name was unprintable here and Squeezy has Basmati and of course Noraly has the now famous Basanti. So not to be outdone I went to my local carwash which is run by Sihks and asked what is a good name for my...
  6. Bradster49

    A yellow vest from France

    Hi all, I am English but live in the north of France near Lille but only a couple of hundred metres fro the Belgian border so I get the best of both worlds. These days I am semi retired and just back into bikes after a while. Been riding since the mid sixties mostly English twins and after...
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