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    Meteor 350 Periodical Maintenance Chart With Notes & Links - Cancelled Until Further Notice

    The link to the chart is currently unavailable until further notice. If you obtained the link earlier it "may" still work. If you downloaded the chart it will likely still work.
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    Footrest Comparison

    When I was considering the upgraded footrest it was a little difficult to get a feel for a size comparison. Now that I have purchased and installed them I thought it might be helpful for anyone considering the same to get a little bit of a better idea for comparison.
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    Throttle Body Cleaning - Cleaners Solvents Prohibited...Really?

    The statement below is printed in the owners manual. Can this really be sufficiently cleaned with just a cloth? Throttle body should be removed from the vehicle and cleaned with a dry microfibre cloth, usage of throttle body cleaners or any similar...
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    Preliminary Poll: T-Shirt Back Design

    Trying to get some feedback. Which of these designs do you like best? You can vote for more than one. Leave a comment as to which image you like and any other comments that may help to improve. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
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    Preliminary Poll: T-Shirt - Front Design

    Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
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    Fly Screen Question

    The answer may be obvious but if I don't know I am simply going to ask. It is obvious as to why a touring screen (windshield) is clear however why does the fly screen only come tinted? Seems like a clear one would function just as well and not "stand out" as much and maintain a cleaner look. If...
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    Forum T-Shirt?

    Deleted due to a problem with a link provided...but scroll down for an updated post and links!
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    GPS Trackers - Are They Effective/Worth Installing?

    I've been trying to decide whether or not to install a GPS Tracker on my Meteor, however despite my research I'm not sure I can yet make a wise consumer decision based on what I know thus far. As such, I would appreciate any input as well as experience with any brands anyone has used or is...
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    2 VIDEOS! - Motorcycle Transmission and Motorcycle Clutch Operation

    As a retired teacher I can't help wanting to share good instructional aids when I see them. These two videos illustrate (with superb animation) and explain the operation of a motorcycle transmission and a motorcycle clutch with such clarity as I have never seen. I thought others might benefit...
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    VIDEO: Royal Enfield Meteor/Classic 350 Valve Adjustment & Service | Oil Change | Tappets

    You have got to see this one! An absolutely spectacular job!
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    Regular Unleaded (Ethanol) vs Non-Ethanol Unleaded

    Our manual states to use a "minimum 91 RON" which equates to our (here in the US) 87 octane AKI or (R+M)/2. I've always used non-ethanol in my lawn equipment and after doing some research I ran across this statement: "So no matter what type of motorcycle you have whether it be carbureted or fuel...
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    Flashing Brake Modulator or Safety Alert LED

    Has anyone installed either of these devices or similar with any success? The LED seems to be the easier way to go however the shop manual says the rear light is not serviceable and requires replacement if any difficulties occur. It seems odd to have to replace the whole assembly when...
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    Maintenance Tutorials - Video JACKPPOT!

    Some of you may already be aware, however I located these and thought I would share just in case you were not. You will have to scroll down a bit to see them but there are a number of official Royal Enfield video tutorials for the Meteor. Enjoy...I sure did...
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    Belt Drive for Meteor? I Sure Hope So!

    I found this video and I hope they will soon make it available for the Meteor!
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    Custom Air Brush "Meteor" Gas Tank Ideas...Submit Yours!

    I remember back in the 60's and 70's many chose to have a custom air brush scene or images applied to their gas tanks. I don't see as much of it today. And yes, I definitely remember all of those vans of the era with some exotic paint jobs as well. As such, I thought it would be interesting to...
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    Which Brand of 15W-50 Does Your Meteor Drink?

    There was some good input on the "Which Brand of 15W-50 ?" thread and see there were 135 views. As such, I thought it might be interesting to actually see what others are using and have created this poll. If you have a different brand or would just like to see additional choices, let me know...
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    The Flashing Wrench (Service Reminder) - How To Reset Video

    This information was discussed briefly in another thread however the video was a little hard to understand for me. Here is one I think makes the task much clearer and IS slightly different from the one I found earlier. Hope this helps anyone looking to perform this task.
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    Motorcycle Lift

    I no longer desire to lay on the floor or sit on a five gallon bucket when performing maintenance on a motorcycle. I'd like some input on a lift. I've seen a few via the internet. One for example is pictured below however Harbor Freight can be a hit or miss proposition sometimes in my experience...
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    Which Brand of 15W-50 ?

    Just wanted to know which brand of 15W-50 oil fellow riders are using and if you have been satisfied with its performance as I am preparing for my first oil change.
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    Hello from Nash County, North Carolina

    Just wanted to introduce myself and express my sincere appreciation for the existence of this forum. As a retirement/65th birthday gift to myself I plan to take delivery of a new Meteor soon. I'm looking forward to the sharing of ideas and information as well as the camaraderie. Retirement just...
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