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  1. DaveinHutto

    Enduro Style Foot Pegs (or Rest)

    I like to stand up when I ride, here on the Blackland Prairie there are corn fields that grow to over 6 feet (that is a couple of meters for you metric types) Its handy to look over them. Also when rolling down hard pack and gravel roads I prefer standing. My problem is the stock pegs ( foot...
  2. DaveinHutto

    Painting the Royal Enfeild cases

    I was looking at my bike and thought" the Royal Enfeild needs to be painted red" well then browsing this forum I see I wasn't the only one. Here I was thinking I was all original and such 😉 Well I went to the hobby store and got me some red model paint by Testor , got me a brush and went to...
  3. DaveinHutto

    Bash plate

    I ordered a sump cover plate ( I think thats what RE calls it) before I saw the TEC plate. I don't recall the fellows name but I can quote him' "its a bit fiddly to put on and it interferes with the oil filter" . Why yes, yes it is and does! So my problem is a $70 part I can't currently mount. I...
  4. DaveinHutto

    Austin Texas meet and greet, a weekly event

    We have been meeting at Billys on Burnet since 2009, its an open to all on Thursday lunch. 11:ish to 1:ish. Seeing how Fridays lunch brings out all the cagers and their cell phones. Its at the corner of Burnet Road and Hancock Drive.
  5. DaveinHutto

    A Texas Prairie Rider

    Just checking if there are any riders North of Austin and South of Waco. I am in Hutto and I decided I wanted a Baker Express and sold a couple of my scoots. I would ride more but its rained about every day since I bought it!! In this semi arid region, its rather odd. Any way,
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