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  1. DaveinHutto

    oil filter..??

    I have been looking at putting a Race Tech kit in, its a stateside company. Is there a fork thread?
  2. DaveinHutto

    Enduro Style Foot Pegs (or Rest)

    but not for the Interceptor 650.
  3. DaveinHutto

    Enduro Style Foot Pegs (or Rest)

    I like to stand up when I ride, here on the Blackland Prairie there are corn fields that grow to over 6 feet (that is a couple of meters for you metric types) Its handy to look over them. Also when rolling down hard pack and gravel roads I prefer standing. My problem is the stock pegs ( foot...
  4. DaveinHutto

    oil filter..??

    I found this site MOBIL M1-104 - cross reference oil filters | Its a close match but the diameter is 1/8 of an inch larger. The thread M20 and pitch 1.5 are good and looking at the cross references the Mahle doesn't show up. Yes it well work but it is NOT a lower...
  5. DaveinHutto

    Bash plate

    It keeps the pole cats from getting wedged into the frame when you run over one, it also reduces armadillo splatter when you hit one.
  6. DaveinHutto

    Tubeless conversion, anybody done it?

    It was 3 inches long, #8 in size so a plug would have worked like a champ.
  7. DaveinHutto

    Tubeless conversion, anybody done it?

    I just dropped $30 US for a heavy duty tube and $40 US to have it installed. I could not break the bead, otherwise I would have installed it myself. Tube got ripped by a 3 inch screw and couldn't be patched. It won't take very many of those to consider a alternate system that is plug and play...
  8. DaveinHutto

    Bash plate

    I have the RE plate still sitting on the bench, can't give it away!. I am happy with the TEC, its easy to remove and install during the oil change.
  9. DaveinHutto

    Painting the Royal Enfeild cases

    Thats the nice thing about forums, it allows you to mark a time when you did something and if it goes south, you can always post up when it quit. I presume you can get brake caliper paint at an auto parts store.
  10. DaveinHutto

    Painting the Royal Enfeild cases

    I was looking at my bike and thought" the Royal Enfeild needs to be painted red" well then browsing this forum I see I wasn't the only one. Here I was thinking I was all original and such 😉 Well I went to the hobby store and got me some red model paint by Testor , got me a brush and went to...
  11. DaveinHutto

    Best Oil Brands Pro/Cons

    The oil thread!!!! been my experience, synthetics well get you maybe 5K miles (8KM) between changes with a liquid cooled bike. You can feel the shifts are not as smooth after it breaks down. Air cooled I would say 3K miles (4800 KM) you well notice it in the shifts. Because it changes out so...
  12. DaveinHutto

    S & S Cycles 750 and 865 Big Bore kits for the 650 twins.

    The Interceptor and Continental are designed to keep the aftermarket busy. It starts with one little thing and like a snow ball rolling downhill, next thing you know its out of control! I needed the bars another inch up and the footpegs down and back. then it was panniers and the new seat...
  13. DaveinHutto

    Bash plate

    I ordered a sump cover plate ( I think thats what RE calls it) before I saw the TEC plate. I don't recall the fellows name but I can quote him' "its a bit fiddly to put on and it interferes with the oil filter" . Why yes, yes it is and does! So my problem is a $70 part I can't currently mount. I...
  14. DaveinHutto

    Cheap but expensive

    I am finding the Brits make some very nice bits, they are priced accordingly. Both TEC and Hitchcocks have a nice catalog of wonderful shinny things! The OEM bits can be found on flea bay, priced accordingly. So the OEM touring seat I get out of India, the perfect fit bar risers, British. The...
  15. DaveinHutto


    There are several seats on flea bay and they claim to be OEM shipping from India. Royalsparezo has a nice lookin "touring seat' for less than what I paid to have a seat recovered. I should order it. The stock is just a step above a 1x 10 #2 pine. Can't hurt to add to this seat thread. I know of...
  16. DaveinHutto

    Austin Texas meet and greet, a weekly event

    We have been meeting at Billys on Burnet since 2009, its an open to all on Thursday lunch. 11:ish to 1:ish. Seeing how Fridays lunch brings out all the cagers and their cell phones. Its at the corner of Burnet Road and Hancock Drive.
  17. DaveinHutto

    Stratos Performance air filter and inlet plate.

    Because if you don't reduce your torque you can stretch the bolt and snap it and never get near the torque spec. If your wondering why you don't go full in.
  18. DaveinHutto

    A Texas Prairie Rider

    Just checking if there are any riders North of Austin and South of Waco. I am in Hutto and I decided I wanted a Baker Express and sold a couple of my scoots. I would ride more but its rained about every day since I bought it!! In this semi arid region, its rather odd. Any way,
  19. DaveinHutto

    oil filter..??

    Ralph, Seeing how your just up the road from me. We could get a ride in around the Longhorn Cavern and Mormons Mill Road. But I am going to need an oil filter. Did you just run a search? I gave it a go but I can't find any online, got a link?
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