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    Chain adjustment and replacement

    Are you talking deflection or total movement, and are you measuring on the centre stand or with the weight on the wheels? The handbook is not clear, but the chain is at its tightest when the sprockets and swinging arm pivot line up, and the rear has to be loaded for this to occur. DID suggest...
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    Squeeky rear suspension

    Fuchs site actually suggests a Type one for for oscillating bearings, but then goes on to suggest a type 2 for use everywhere on motorcycles! A high pressure rating is more important than waterproofing, the brown "rust" you might find in highly loaded bearings like steering head bearings is...
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    Squeeky rear suspension

    Most wheel bearing greases are Type 2 EP and comply with NLGI GC and LB , which are the highest rating for pressure and waterproofing. Timken brand is not hard to find., but expensive. Fuchs specify a type two for motorcycle use but make no mention of the ratings. You should already have...
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    Rear sprocket interchange.

    I think the stock sprocket is 525. I bought a 40t from a Ebay vendor and it had 9mm holes. So apart from the hole size there are other sprockets that fit They were easily drilled out , so might extend the search a little
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    Rear cases/bags for 2021 Himalayan

    I have fitted Hitchcock's improved rack and a cheap 35l / $35 Givi knock off top box. Light, cheap and does the job. Holds a helmet OK, but not if you have much else in it. The Givi is probably OK too, but the knock offs look identical! I carry a decent puncture, etc, kit for serious off...
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    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Hitchcocks have softer springs for the forks at a sensible price, and cheap Ali Express 41 mm adjustable fork caps fit, to let you fine tune them. They might have softer springs for the rear, or maybe they found reducing the preload works for them. They are usually quite helpful , if you ask...
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    Rear rack bolt torques

    Early manuals had the main frame/engine/ cradle bolts at 16 nm instead of around 50 , and as the engine and cradle are a structural part of the frame if anyone followed their figures it might have contributed to the problems some had with frame failures. Apart from the one which had no...
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    Rear rack bolt torques

    The convention is that torque values are for clean and dry threads, unless otherwise noted. Loctite brand retainer need no adjustment to torque values, don't know about the rest . With oiled / lubed/ antisiezed threads around 20/25 less torque is suggested. Most branded stainless fasteners are...
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    Front rack/frame question

    Holds the instrument cluster too, so you need a bit more than headlamp/ indicator brackets. Oliver Kroon ? offered excellent brackets on this forum a fair while back , so a good search might find the link. I think he ended production but he might still have a CAD file or whatever to assist...
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    This is me

    RCB have a reasonably priced radial one, I bought one from Kitty Adventure Pro. Quality and performance is excellent, appearance identical to older Brembos. Some Asian vendors sell , err, locally produced, Brembo branded radial M/Cs too, for a lot less than the European ones. Might not have a...
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    Dogs and puppies...

    My scruffy, a Cairn terrier cross, slipped peacefully away in his sleep today - he was 19 so he had a good inning's. At 76 I don't think I will get another, but who knows, I cant think of a time in my life when I haven't had a dog .
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    Hitchcocks Cam

    The message is on the Tank!
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    More off road focused tires

    Lets see how long they last before you compare the cost - I ran a back in 900 km on a Funduro, on mainly bitumen/ hardpack. I bought them a few weeks before a major off road/sand adventure but wore them out before the trip!
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    Oil Filter Inspection

    Most experienced bike pro's consider all bike maintaince should be carried out to aircraft standards. Particularly race ones. But outside of pro mechanics few know what these standards are. So keep up the good work- most are learning something!
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    Bar Risers

    Hitchcocks do a up and back riser which works with stock cables. RE bolt centers are a little different to most , so you may have to do a little filing with risers other than H's.
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    oil filter..??

    Don't think there is a fork thread. Racetech 's set ups are usually at the firm end of the range, compared to Ohlins. Adjustable fork caps well worth the cost but Racetech dont have them. Ohlins have a pricy fork kit and all the details are on their site, you can assemble the kit...
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    Front Rubber Fork Covers

    Not many fit - they are a unusual size and length. I had a pair for the heavyweight forks on my BSA B44 Victor Special which are the correct length and lower diameter, Top was too large but I just cut the top 25mm of the OEM boot and used it bas a packer.
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    Rear Rack

    Sounds good so far, but as someone who has broken more than his fair share of racks I would have it braced down to the exhaust hanger bolts . Vibration can be as much a problem as load, and this would also help damp this out, and might for a fixing point for shields for throw overs/ soft...
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    dedicated GPS vs phone

    No one has measured coverage - most of the places in this state I might need navigation probably don't have cell phone cover- so is coverage any better with a dedicated GPS unit?
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    Tubeless conversion, anybody done it?

    Some M/C tires don't have a carcass thick enough to hold a plug,, 6 mm is usually specified as a minimum, and a some tire companies specify 3mm as the max hole size that can be permanently repaired, and most plug tools are bigger than that. Some completely forbid plugs , some suggest a speed...
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